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Until the beginning of 2000, OICG’s main clients were unskilled and unemployed
literate youth who could read and write the English language. Though non-literate and semi-literate unemployed youth were noticeable in increased numbers and were posing social threats in Ghana, there were not many formal institutions in Ghana responding to their training needs.

The Management and Board of OICG decided to respond to the needs of the
semi-literate and non-literate youth by developing a proposal for skills
training and job placement for such youth. In 2001, the Church Development
Services of Germany (EED), now Bread for The World (EWDE) accepted to fund the
project. The project has since been running in the Kumasi Metropolis. Training
duration under this project ranges between 6 months and 18 months. Courses
offered are aluminium fabrication, bakery/cookery, carpentry and joinery,
dressmaking, hair braiding, masonry, plumbing, steel bending, sandal/shoemaking,
tiling, and tailoring.  Over 1,400 semi-literate and non-literate youth have benefitted from the project. The employment rate of the project beneficiaries is between 85-87%. Thus, over 800
youth who hitherto would have been on the streets are employed.

Due to project impact recorded so far in Kumasi, it has been extended to the
Sekondi/Takoradi Metropolis since July 2012.
Currently 85 youth have been trained and 30 are in employment.  About 210 youth are currently in training.


Donor sponsored programmes/Project

 These are programmes/projects which
has come about through development and submission of proposals to a donor
agency and are implemented subsequent to its approval by the said donor.

For these donor sponsored programmes,
some strategies were adopted mainly at Management level to ensure the smooth
implementation at the field level. Specifically, some teams were formed at the Head Office to be responsible for specific projects whereas the implementation at the field level was mainly done by project staffs who were recruited on contract basis. The following projects are being implemented by OICG.

OICG/BfdW Kumasi Project

OICG/BfdW Takoradi Project

YIEDIE Project