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OICG/BfdW Projects           

OICG/BfdW Projects concept is basically an improved apprenticeship. OICG has brought its immense experience in the Formal Vocational Skills Training to bare and to address some bottlenecks associated with the Ghanaian Traditional Apprenticeship. In the improved apprenticeship, Training period ranges between 6 and 12 months. Training takes place at the master trainers’ workshop sites. Requisite training consumables/materials are provided by the project for uninterrupted training at the sites. Individual and groups counseling services are integral part of the training programme. Attendance Registers are kept at each workshop sites to monitor trainees’ attendance. Code of conduct is sign by trainees to regulate their behaviour at the various workshop sites. Basic Business Management training is also provided periodically. A comprehensive monitoring system and business development services have been developed and adopted to facilitate smooth transition of beneficiaries from training into world of work/employment.  Most of the dpnor funded projects being implemented by OICG are developed around the afore mentioned concept.

OIC/BfdW Kumasi Project -Livelihood enhancement for youth in Kumasi Metropolis Project Phase V started from 1st October 2013 and ended in 30th September 2016.  The project had the following objectives:


  • 350 youth trained in various trades
  • 325 project graduates/beneficiaries employed
  • Graduate Businesses Strengthened/Expanded


Trade Areas Duration
Carpentry 12 months
Masonry 12 months
Steel Bending 12 months
Refrigeration/Air Condition Repairs 12 months
Aluminium Fabrication 12 months
Tiling 6 months
Hair braiding 6 months
Electrical Installation 12 months
Mobile Phone Repairs 12 months
Bakery Cookery 6 months
Dress making 12 months
Gas Cooker Repairs 12 months
Plumbing 12 months